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Well-coordinated transportation plan devised for pilgrims: DG Hajj
July 20, 2019

Director General Hajj Dr Sajid Yousafani says a well-coordinated transportation plan has been put in place for smooth movement of pilgrims.

In an exclusive interview with state media in Makkah, he urged the Pakistani intending pilgrims to stay back for at least 30 minutes, after offering prayers in Haram, especially for the Friday prayer. He said pilgrims can offer Nawafil, recite Quran, or do Tawaaf for just half an hour after Jamaat prayers to allow the crowd to recede as people in large number from all over the world converge at Masjid-e-Haram during Hajj days.

The Director General said that people in large number thronged the Haram during Duhar, Isha, and Juma prayers. He said we deploy additional staff and buses on Friday to facilitate pilgrims' movement back and forth from their residences to the Haram. He said we have detailed two drivers on each bus to keep the wheel moving for the facilitation of Hujjaj to take them to the Haram from their residences and vice versa. He said drivers have been given residence in the halls of pilgrims' buildings to avoid any breakdown in transport.

Dr Sajid Yousafani said he personally supervised the clearance operation on Friday last to ensure hassle free movement of the pilgrims. He said the upcoming Friday prayers will demand more efforts as the number of pilgrims is going to surge. He said on Friday meal timings are extended to 3:30 p.m. to ensure that food should be available for every pilgrim even if he or she comes late due to rush hour. He said the intending pilgrims should also plan their early travel to the Haram, especially on Friday. He said pilgrims can get better place inside the Haram if they reach there before 9 a.m.

Radio Pakistan's Special Correspondent Muhammad Akram Khan reports from Makkah that the intending pilgrims have expressed satisfaction over the transportation facilities and lauded the Government of Pakistan for facilitating them in offering their prayers at the Ka'aba. They appreciated the government for hiring latest air-conditioned buses to ensure their travel in the holy land easy and comfortable.