Multan city has many historic buildings. There are a number of mosques which speak eloquently of the influence of Islam in this region.

Masjid Ali Muhammad Khan is a very old mosque of Multan , which is still in good condition.  It is also known as Mosque Wali Muhammad Khan. It is an excellent building, situated in the busiest Chowk Bazaar of the city. The Mosque is quite large and in good condition It was built by Nawab Ali Mohammad Khan Khakwani in 1757 (1171 A.H.) when he was the governor of Multan  in the time of Alamgir II. During the Sikh period, the gateway of the Mosque was used as the courthouse of the Nazim, while its great hall was utilized for keeping the Granth, or the holy book of the Sikhs. The Mosque was restored to the Muslims by the British Government at the commencement of the British rule.

Written by: Sajjad Ahmad Bari

Narrator: Wasim Babar Gill

Editing: Yawar Hussain Baqir

Producer: Qamar Hashmi

It’s a Production of Radio Pakistan Multan Center.

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