Government Emerson College Multan  is located in the city of Multan in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is also called Govt. College Multan , GC Multan , or Govt. Bosan Road College Multan . It is the largest college in Multan city located on Bosan Road. The prestigious and historic school is affiliated with Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan , Pakistan.

It was established on 13 April 1920. In 1933, this institution was named Government Emerson College , after Sir Herbert William Emerson, governor of the Punjab in recognition of his services to education.

The first campus of this college was on Kachehry Chowk in Multan , now the location of Government Degree College Multan . The new campus, built to meet the needs of the growing number of male student, was completed in 1963. After that time, the college began offering post graduate programs. The larger campus includes a stadium for cricket, hockey and football ground, basketball ground, hostels and college building.

Written by: Doctor Imtiaz Baloch

Narrator: Wasim Babar Gill

Producer: Saira Zulfiqar

It’s a Production of Radio Pakistan Multan Center.

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