CPEC opens up an opportunity for the development of less developed regions of the country

  • PM inaugurates work on Pakistan- China Optic Fiber link project in Gilgit today
  • The optic fiber project is part of CPEC
  • 44 million dollars project will be completed in two years
  • Optic fiber project to provide alternative telecommunication route between Pakistan and China.  

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif says implementation of China Pakistan Economic Corridor project will put the country on the path of sustainable progress and development. He was addressing a ceremony after performing ground breaking of Pakistan-China Optical fiber cable project in Gilgit today. Mega project will not only bring economic benefits for the people but also help address the issue of extremism with the provision of job opportunities to the youth. Pak-China Optical Fiber cable project will prove to be a milestone in the development of IT and telecom services. It will help to provide these facilities to the underdeveloped areas. The project will bring 3-G and 4-G services in Gilgit Baltistan. This project is a part of China Pakistan Economic Corridor. PM announces the construction of a technical training institute in Gilgit to equip the youth of the area with the modern technical education. Initially the government will provide a grant of 100 million rupees for the institute.

Analysts :

Dr. Ghous Muhammad Niazi (Senator PML-N):

“CPEC will transform Pakistan into one of the world's leading economies . Our government is committed to end the darkness of the country by serving the nation, but those who are habitual in agitation politics once again want to disrupt the democratic process in the country. Their main motive is to stop the ongoing development project in the country as they know very well that after completion of these projects they cannot compete with PML-N in next general elections. Today, Prime Minister has laid down the foundation stone of Pakistan-China Optical Fiber Cable project in Gilgit. Pakistan-China Optical Fiber cable project will be a milestone in the development of IT and telecom services. 

Dr. Saboor Ghayur (Senior Analyst):

“The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a fate changer in the region and it is an important milestone in the way from developing to developed country. The laying down of fiber optic in GB is an important achievement of present government on the part of CPEC . The Prime Minister is launching several mega projects across the country which shows that he is equally interested in uplifting of all the provinces. The CPEC will provide a base for economic prosperity, which will change the way of life in Pakistan . This mega project will not only bring economic benefits to the people, but also help address the issue of extremism by creating job opportunities to the youth. Today, PM has said that the federal government is determined to steer the country out of all challenges and has also achieved significant success in this regard.”

Khalid Rehman (DG Institute of Policy Studies):

“Youth is the potential of our country and we need to use it positively by providing them best opportunities. If we provide economic activities to our young generation then we can avoid their negative activities. The Gilgit Baltistan is an important part of CPEC route. The project will uplift the area by providing employment opportunities and connecting it with rest of the country. The security is an important issue for the completion of this project as several regional and international stakeholders put their negative efforts to disrupt this project. The civil and military leadership is committed to protect and complete this project as it will a guaranty of the peace and prosperity of the entire region not only Pakistan .”

Dr. Fazal-ur-Rehman (Chairman China-Pakistan Economic Forum):

“Today’s age is based on Information Technology and progress in this era is only possible through alignment with latest technologies. The fiber optic will enhance web linking in the country and will help to create IT jobs for young generation of the country. This project will bring 3-G and 4-G services to Gilgit Baltistan, which will help GB to soon emerge as the most developed area with the launching Optical Fiber like projects. The water is essential for human life and we need to construct big reservoirs keeping in view of future’s water scarcity to fulfill the needs of nation. The present government is pursuing prudent policies and committed to end the problems of the country. The continuation of process is quite important for the peace and prosperity of the country.    

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