IMF says Pakistan will achieve six percent GDP growth due to investments in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project

According to latest report released by IMF, confidence of investors in Pakistan is growing as its economy has stabilized after completing a bailout program. It cited Chinese infrastructure investments as one of the reasons for economic development. The report highlights that hopes are pinned on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor initiative which will link the China's Xinjiang region with the Arabian Sea through Pakistan .

Analysts live on Phone: 

Dr. Mirza Ikhtiyar Baig:  (Economist)

The increase in growth rate signifies economic development of any country. GDP growth also shows that country is making progress. The government has planned to take GDP growth to 7% in coming years. It will eradicate poverty and bring employment opportunities in the country. The government spent first three years on reforms and now it has focused on growth of the country. Pakistan will emerge as a vital country of the region in coming years.

Dr. Murtaza Mughal:        (Economist)

All this development and progress is taking place because of CPEC. Pakistan started IMF program in 2013 and successfully completed it without taking extension. The law and order situation of the country and unnecessary interruptions by opposition parties tried to hinder the progress. The government, while coping with all these challenges, has focused on economic development of the country. The global monetary institutions are appreciative of economic turnaround of Pakistan .

OIC Secretary General strongly condemns continued violence by Indian forces against innocent Kashmiris

The OIC Secretary General Dr. Yousef A. Al-Othaimeen, has strongly condemned continued violence by Indian forces against innocent Kashmiris in the held valley. In a statement, he said the Kashmiris remain victims of the denial of their inalienable rights to self-determination and have been suffering from the non-implementation of the relevant resolutions of the United Nations Security Council. He called upon India to immediately stop human rights violations of the Kashmiri people.

Analyst live on Phone:

Dr. Salma Malik:   (Expert on World Affairs)

Kashmiris has suffered a lot since last three years in the hands of Indian forces. Pakistan is the only country raising voice in favour of Kashmiris. It is the Pakistan which has kept Kashmir issue alive. OIC should play its role to stop India from the atrocities. 

Host: Dr. Sajjad Bukhari

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