Army gunship helicopters killed 15 terrorists in Zartatangi mountain heights, East of Miranshah, on Wednesday night. It was one of the main communication centers of terrorists.

According to ISPR, in a separate sniper action, 8 Uzbeks were killed around Miranshah while planting IEDs on the road Miranshah-Mirali.

Meanwhile cordon around areas housing terrorists in North Wazirstan Agency continues. A number of attempts by the terrorists to flee the area have been foiled.

Evacuation of civil population from Miranshah and Ghulam Khan areas started on Thursday. Check points have been established at various places where IDPs are being provided all administrative support including food items and medicines by the security forces.

No of registration points at saidgai post have been enhanced to 20, i.e. 10 each for males and females for speedy and organised evacuation.  

An IDP camp has been set up at Bannu. 

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