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Peace in Afghanistan is not only responsibility of Pakistan but all major stakeholders have to put collective efforts in order to get desirable results: Analysts
July 19, 2019

Dr. Huma Baqai (IR Expert): 

The new era of peace is around the corner and Afghanistan is the biggest beneficiary of this change. Pakistan has always desired for political solution of Afghan crisis. The US is making the right kind of commitment for Afghan peace. China and Russia are also taking serious efforts to bring all stakeholders on negotiation table. Pakistan is committed to facilitate Afghan-led and Afghan owned peace process. India has lost its worth in regional peace process. Afghan peace is not the sole responsibility of Pakistan; all the major stakeholders must put collective efforts in order to get desirable results.

Rahim Ullah Yousafzai (IR Expert): 

Afghanistan is eyeing upon a positive shift in Pakistan-Afghan bilateral ties. It is a good omen that finally Kabul has realized that Pakistan is sincere in its efforts to sustain durable peace in Afghanistan. Kabul government is seeking Pakistan’s assistance to resolve Afghan issues and restore peace in war torn country. The US recent tilt towards Pakistan is further encouraging Kabul political leadership to improve its ties with Pakistan. Every stakeholder in Afghan peace process wants to take this advantage. Pakistan has always endorsed every initiative taken for Afghan reconciliation process. A comprehensive ceasefire in Afghanistan is imperative for the success of peace talks.

Dr. Zahid Anwar (IR Expert):


Collective efforts are imperative for sustainable peace in Afghanistan. The recent development in Afghan reconciliation process is appreciable. Pakistan has always emphasized on Afghan led and Afghan owned peace process. The bilateral ties are always maintained on the basis of national interest. Pakistan and Afghanistan should resolve all outstanding issue through negotiation. Pakistan has always opened its arms for Afghan refugees. Hundreds of thousand Afghan refugees must return to their own country. It is responsibility of international community to take concrete steps to ensure safe return of Afghan refugees living in Pakistan. Kabul government must take corrective measures to ensure that Afghan soil is not being used for subversive activities to destabilize Pakistan.

Dr. Sarfraz Khan (IR Expert):

Unfortunately Pakistan has always been blamed for sponsoring terrorism in past but now international community has finally realized that in fact Pakistan has rendered matchless sacrifices for regional peace. The forth coming visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan to Washington has great significance for Afghan reconciliation process. Afghan government should not allow its land to be used for subversive activities in Pakistan. It is diplomatic victory of Pakistan that international community has endorsed and acknowledged Pakistan’s stance for Afghan peace. Terrorists are not friend of any nation and both the countries must do collective efforts to eradicate the menace of terrorism from the region.

Aqeel Yousafzai (IR Expert):

The recent shift in Pak-Afghan bilateral ties is highly beneficial for the success of Afghan peace process. Kabul government has realized the fact that peace in Afghanistan cannot sustain without support and cooperation of Pakistan. Trump administration is seeking for Pakistan’s facilitation for safe withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan. Islamabad is playing a very positive role for regional peace. Pakistan has clear stance that peace in Afghanistan is in the best interest of Pakistan. Islamabad has always reiterated its commitment to facilitate Afghan reconciliation process. It is high time for all the stakeholders to make sincere efforts for regional peace.