Friday, 22 November 2019, 10:56:29 am
Formation of NDC highly appreciable and beneficial in order to improve national economy: Analysts
June 19, 2019

Tahir Basharat Cheema (Energy Sector):

The incumbent government is facing serious energy issue .The production cost of generation and transformation of power is very high. Sindh and AJK are not paying their due remittances. This issue has been burning since 2008. Another issue faced by the government in energy sector is theft of electricity and unwelcoming trend of not paying their outstanding bills. The government is on its toes and taking proactive steps to resolve these issues. However, more efforts are needed to control illegal abstraction of energy. The previous governments announced subsidies which they could not afford. All the citizens using electricity must pay. The power suppliers must work hard to minimize the cost of energy.

Yasir Masood (CPEC Expert):

Unfortunately, we have not seen any institutional harmony in the past as far as implementation of development projects is concerned. There have always been delays and hurdles in completing the projects. Establishment of NDC is appreciable step of the incumbent government considering the fact that it would enhance institutional performance and transparency and resolve the issue of unemployment. It will also help in improving institutional mechanism and will also be beneficial in implementing the projects without any delays .The incumbent government is taking concrete steps to uplift the economy for betterment of the society. Unfortunately, opposition is politicizing the development initiatives and creating obstacles in way of the government in initialization the new projects. Prime Minister Imran Khan is following the economic models of China and Malaysia.


Dr. Gulfraz Ahmed (Energy Expert):

The government is taking sincere and corrective measures in order to ensure efficient working of K-Electric. Some major concerns include losses, thefts and minimum recovery of tariffs. The government has reviewed the matter and has taken some positive decisions to ensure smooth working of K-Electrics. Karachi is the economic hub of Pakistan and it is imperative to ensure frequent supply energy to the industrial city. AJK was supplied power on bulk rates. The power contributed by AJK is 1000 mega watt. It is legitimate demand of AJK to charge them keeping in view the contribution AJK is making in the national grid. It is a welcoming step to facilitate the AJK government in this regard. Structural reforms in power sector are imperative to overcome energy crises. Unfortunately the previous governments did not pay much attention towards resolution of these issues. We should revisit our agreements to reduce power tariffs and cost of production.


Zahid Maqbool (Former President Islamabad chamber of commerce):

We have to adopt modern economic mechanism to compete in international market and cope with current economic issues faced by the government. It is imperative to uplift the industry to resolve economic crises and generate jobs for unemployed youth. Initiating construction activities will boost up the economy. The small projects will also enhance economic activities.


Hamayun Iqbal Shami (Economist):


Economy is back bone of any country on which the country runs. The economic situation of Pakistan is not very sound. It is imperative to uniform and structuralize the economic mechanism. The government is taking bold decisions in order to mainstream the revenue generating institutions in the country. Formation of NDC is highly appreciable and beneficial in order to improve economy. The opposition should restrain from creating any hurdle in such economic friendly initiatives of the government.