Pakistan says India's fastest growing nuclear programme in the world has serious implications for strategic stability in South Asia and national security of Pakistan. Pakistan has been underscoring the risk of diversion by India to imported nuclear fuel, equipment and technology received pursuant to civil nuclear accord and 2008 energy waiver by Nuclear Suppliers Group. Pakistan urges NSG members to consider risks involved in transfer of nuclear material to India and its NSG membership bid.

Host: Umer Iftikhar

Co-host: Fauzia Shahid

Analyst on Telephone:

Taimur Shamil (Defence Analyst):

There is an element of frustration in India as it is being isolated regionally. It has not participated in OBOR summit. There is a tension in India about Pakistan and Chinese role in peace building in the region. India cannot befool its population for longer period of time. There are leakages in Indian nuclear program and it is very dangerous. Few countries are supporting Indian hegemonic designs in the region. Pakistan’s armed forces and nuclear program is much better than Indian program. Pakistan will give a befitting response to Indian aggression.

Indian State terrorism in Occupied Kashmir - Young Kashmiris students target of occupation forces and Hindu fanatic organization RSS

FO says the increasing presence of RSS in Occupied Kashmir is to terrorize Kashmiris and deter them from participating in the self-determination movement.
Young Kashmiris, particularly the students are the target of occupation forces and RSS. Over 200 people including students were arrested while 500 people were injured when Indian occupation forces subjected defenseless Kashmiris to brute force in various parts of the held valley. Nafees Zakaria said at least eight people were killed by Indian occupation forces in shoot out in Occupied Kashmir. He said Pakistan condemns these killings and arrest and persecution of Kashmiri leadership. Pakistan has a written a letter to the UN inviting its attention towards demographic changes being engineered by India in Occupied


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