The Government has taken various steps to eliminate load-shedding of electricity in the country by the year 2018.

According to official sources, the government is focusing on exploring, acquiring and utilizing affordable, sustainable and modern energy resources.

Under China Pakistan Economic Corridor, electricity generations projects having total capacity of 17045 MW are being implemented.  These include Wind, Solar, Hydro and Coal generation projects.

Due to sincere and hectic efforts of the present Government, the generating capacity of electricity is continuously increasing. The duration of load-shedding is also decreasing gradually, despite continuously increasing electricity demand in the country. 

The sources said, as compared to nine to thirteen hours load shedding in Urban Areas in 2013, duration of load shedding has been decreased to four to six hours now.  And in rural areas it has been decreased to seven to eight hours now as compared to ten to fourteen hours in 2013.

Power load shedding for industries has been eliminated which helped in enhancing the industrial production.

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