Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has resolved that his government will continue with full spirit its journey of national development to accomplish Allama Iqbal’s dream of a modern state.

Addressing inaugural ceremony of Greater Iqbal Park in Lahore, he said the government has tackled all three major challenges of terrorism, economic revival and deliverance from energy crisis.

The Prime Minister said electricity load-shedding will be overcome within tenure of the present government. It will boost country’s industry, agriculture, exports, stock market, foreign exchange reserves and ultimately create ample employment opportunities.

He said as immense development activities are going in Balochistan, the miscreants are unable to find any rationale to disrupt peace in the province.

Referring to recent inauguration of Sorab Hoshab Road, the prime minister said with the construction of new roads, the Quetta Gwadar travel distance has been reduced from forty-eight to eight hours.

Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said government is spending around seven billion dollars for upgradation of railways that will double its speed.

Besides road network, both the federal and Punjab governments are striving to build hospitals even in small towns.

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