Committee for National Action Plan against Terrorism would hold its first meeting in Islamabad tomorrow (Friday).

Speaking in Radio Pakistan’s Nuqta-e Nazar program,  Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid said: “Political parties and the nation have vowed to eliminate terrorism from our motherland for good. Terrorists have been fleeing after the military operation. Armed forces have been destroying the hideouts of terrorists. Securing the future of young generation is top priority of the present government. Government and Armed forces have vowed to chase down the terrorists to their hideouts. Nation has been supporting the policies of government and Armed Forces for the elimination of terrorism from its roots.All the requirements of the committee constituted to prepare a National Plan of Action against terrorism would be fulfilled.”

Leader, PPP Maula Bux Chandio said: “It would be a bad luck of this country if the political parties do not get united even at this critical juncture. Whole nation condemns the Peshawar incident. Government should make policy against terrorism and all political parties would support it. Government’s decision toend moratorium on death penalty for terrorists has been a positive gesture. Courts should use their decision powers to give punishment to the terrorists without any discrimination.”

Senior Journalist Maqbool Elahi Malik said: “Terrorist activities could not be forgiven. PM has announced to carry out death sentences awarded to terroristswhich would definitely result in reduction of terror activities. The terrorists would be punished as per law. Nation has hopes from the committee constituted to prepare National Plan of Action against terrorism. We are very much hopeful for the elimination of terrorism from our country.”

Senior Journalist Shamim Shahid said: “Doctors should have to play their role to motivate the children to regain their senses after the Peshawar incident. Children are afraid of going to school now. Government should announce winter vacations so that children could have time to forget the scars of this horrible incident to some extent. On the directions of Prime Minister, Marvi Memon today arranged a visit of doctors to the injured students, so that they could counsel them for post-traumatic stress.”

Child Psychologist Dr. Ambreen Ahmed said: “Such incidents have long and short term impacts on children. Especially young children will be scared and will ask all sorts of questions from their parents. The older children might become a little touchy and angry. It is the duty of parents to give them more time and attention to help get them out of this mental crisis. The parents should also be encouraged to get out of trauma. The parents should motivate their children to go to school and not discourage them.”

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