NA  passes  resolution condemning  lynching  of Mashal Khan-Lawmakers express resolve to introduce strong safeguards into blasphemy law to prevent its abuse

Lawmakers expressed resolve to introduce strong safeguards into blasphemy law to prevent its abuse.The national assembly also passed a resolution condemning the barbaric and cold blooded murder of Mashal Khan at Wali Khan University in Mardan.The resolution moved by Federal Minister Rana Tanvir Hussain demanded the federal and provincial governments to take strict action against the perpetrators and facilitators of this heinous act including those making hate speeches.The resolution expressed the resolve to ensure that strong safeguards are inserted into the blasphemy law to prevent its abuse. It condemned all those who take law into their hands that result into the loss of innocent lives.

Host : Arshad Malik 

Co-Host : Umer Iftikhar 

Analyst on Telephone:

Pir Sabir Shah (Leader, PML-N):

It is the violation of laws to punish anyone without having proper investigation. Many people were present at the sight when an innocent youngster was brutally killed by a mob. It is the responsibility of teachers and religious scholars to play role to eliminate the rigid thinking among the people. The nation as a whole should also pay its role to stop such incidents in future.

Dr.Muhammad Sajjad (Religious Scholar )

The tragic incident in which an innocent student was killed on the basis of baseless allegation in Wali Khan University is strongly condemnable. None of the Muslim could dare to do blasphemy act. If someone is alleged over blasphemy act, he should be punished by the government according to the laws and the light of evidences. It is a big crime to allege someone over blasphemy baselessly and kill him brutally.

PM chairs a meeting of the cabinet committee on energy-PM directs the ministry of water and power to reduce the power outages.

PM directs the ministry to utilize all resources on war footing to overcome power shortage in the country.The Prime Minister said that the consumers should be given relief by Expressing concerns over the negligence of relevant departments, the Prime Minister said as to why the relevant departments did not take preemptive measures keeping in view the intensity of weather and shortage of water in dams.The Ministry of Water and Power briefed that the power demand has suddenly increased due to soaring of mercury.

Analysts on Telephone:

Javed Abbasi (Senator, PML-N):

PML-N came into power after 2013 elections on the basis of three-point agenda including overcoming power shortage, elimination of terrorism and stabilizing the economy of the country. The government is determined to overcome energy crises till 2018 as many power projects are underway in the country. Terrorism has also been eliminated and peace situation in the country has improved to a great extent. PM himself is monitoring all the underway power projects.

Dr. Gulfaraz Ahmed (Energy Expert):

Pakistan had faced the worst energy crises for the last many years. The electricity demand in the country is increasing with the increase in temperature. The incumbent government is determined to eliminate the electricity short-fall till 2018 which is good news. The Prime Minister has directed the concerned authorities to ensure the timely completion of all the underway power projects.

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