Friday, 22 November 2019, 09:22:20 am
Regional cooperation only way for collective progress and prosperity: Analysts
June 18, 2019

Dr. Huma Bakai: (IR Expert):

The regional politics is changing rapidly and Washington and New Delhi are hailing the upward momentum in the relationship's trajectory. Pakistan is pursuing an effective foreign policy and it always tried to create a balance between Beijing, Washington, Riadh, and Tehran. The United States’ Indian tilt can destabilize balance of power in the region. Pakistan believes in increased connectivity and interdependence for peaceful co-existence. The Pak-China bilateral ties are touching new heights and the two countries committed to explore various avenues of investment. China’s role in maintain regional peace is appreciable. South Asian region needs collective efforts and multi pronged strategy to curb the menace of terrorism. Pakistan has always emphasized on the significance of dialogue to resolve all outstanding issues between India and Pakistan.

Mirza Ikhtiyar Baig (Economist):

The new era of transformation of technology is emerging. The world is heading towards new age of technology and China has acquired great achievements in this sector. Pakistan can truly benefit from China’s expertise in this regard. All stakeholders in Pakistan are on one page regarding positive and constructive engagement with China.

Malik Habib (Former IG Police):

The formation of graft probe commission is an appreciable decision of the Prime Minister. The major concern of the incumbent government is to punish the culprits who are responsible for massive rise in foreign debts and current economic crises. The Deputy Chairman NAB is a credible and professional person; the commission will fulfill its legal responsibilities according to law. This is a fact finding commission who will probe the misuses of public money. The legal status and ToRs of the commission will further clear the exact responsibilities and authority of the commission.

Shahzad Anwer Bhatti (Former DG NAB):

The incumbent government is taking corrective measures in order to probe into the details of unnecessary debts taken by the previous governments. The country is facing financial crises because of the poor economic policies. According to Section 18(a) of NAO, 1999 the government reference is sufficient for the NAB to investigate any matter. Every institution in Pakistan is bound to assist NAB in investigating any matter. Transparent accountability is the priority of the incumbent government.