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Analysts condemn recent terrorist attacks in Baluchistan
April 18, 2019

Dr. Huma Baqai (IR Expert):


Pakistan has been fighting the war against terrorism for last two decades. Pakistan has rendered matchless sacrifices to eradicate the menace of terrorism. Unfortunately Pakistan is bordered with hostile neighbors. Hostile forces are habitual of fanning subversive activities to destabilize Pakistan. India is envious of Pakistan’s massive economic opportunities and desires to sabotage investment plans. The recent attack is an attempt to create a hype that the security forces have failed to maintain peace in the country. India has been involved in fanning terrorism in Balochistan. Our security forces are well aware of India’s nefarious designs to destabilize Pakistan. India is humiliated on international front in recent Pulwama episode and now using cheap tactics to sabotage peace in Pakistan. National action plan should be implemented in its true letter and spirit. Pakistan’s forces have to be more vigilant to avoid such unfortunate incidents in the future.

Dr. A Z Hilali (IR Expert):


Enemies of Pakistan have been targeting to destabilize Pakistan. Enemies of Pakistan are using every resource to sabotage peace and disrupt economic activities in Balochistan. Certain elements are creating hatred among different ethnic and religious groups. National Action Plan is a comprehensive and actionable plan which if implemented, will help eradicate terrorism. Balochistan is future economic hub of Pakistan and it is imperative to ensure security of the province. India is using Afghan soil to train and finance terrorists to create trouble in Pakistan. RAW and terrorists have strong nexus in Afghanistan with an aim to sabotage peace in Pakistan. Our security forces are vigilant enough to eradicate menace of terrorism.

Dr. Khurrum Iqbal (IR Expert):


The recent wave of terrorism is a planned and coordinated effort to destabilize the country. Pakistan’s security forces have achieved significant success in eradicating terrorism in recent years. Pakistan has strong evidences of the involvement and network of anti state elements and foreign actors in Baluchistan. India has been using Afghan soil for fanning subversive activities to destabilize peace in the country. Incumbent government has exposed Indian nefarious designs in front of international community. India is facilitating anti-state groups to create turmoil in Balochistan. International community has failed to stop India from doing subversive activities to destabilize regional peace.

Zahid Anwer Khan (IR Expert):


India is envious of Pakistan’s growing economy. The security situation of the country has visibly been improved in recent years. Pakistan is a peaceful country and we have endorsed every initiative taken for regional peace. The recent terrorist’s attack in Balochistan is highly condemn able. Coordinated efforts are required to defeat the terrorists. Pakistan has paid a huge price for regional peace. Gwadar is future economic hub of the region and guarantees the economic prosperity of the country. Pakistan’s economic development is against Indian hegemonic designs.

Prof. Rasheed Ahmed (IR Expert):


Islamabad reserves the right to counter New Delhi’s plans to sabotage peace in Pakistan. The recent patronized patterns of terrorist activities in Pakistan suggest that India is involved in these acts of terrorism. Pakistan’s political and military leadership is on one page to safe guard the sovereignty of the country. Durable peace cannot be achieved in Balochistan without establishing peaceful ties with Afghanistan and Iran. India wants to tarnish Pakistan’s image on the international front, but it will never succeed it its efforts to isolate Pakistan. The friends of Pakistan are always ready to help it through thick and thin. Peace in the region is in the best interest of all the regional countries.