Pakistan has sixth largest population in the world, rising middle class, rich human and natural resources, strategic location and political stability. Nawaz Sharif urges prospective investors to benefit from economic revival of Pakistan and enjoy the first mover's advantage. Pakistan is ready to do business with the world. Pakistan is a gateway to energy rich Central Asia, oil rich Gulf and economically advanced Far East. Nine Special Economic Zones are being established along CPEC route where foreign companies can invest in factories, warehouses, logistic centers and much more for consumption in Pakistani market and export. The Government has devised a comprehensive plan to create an investment friendly environment.
We have liberalized investment policies to welcome Foreign Direct Investment, offered incentives to attract new capital inflows including tax exemptions, tariff reductions and investment facilitation services.Pakistan's investment policy is focused on reducing the cost of doing business.

Host: Waqas Saleem

Co-host: Ghina Mehar

Analyst on Telephone:

Dr. Ijaz Khattak (IR Expert):

The entire region is passing through fundamental change. It is very important how Pakistan takes advantage of this change. If we want our economy to move forward, we have to improve regional connectivity. New regional linkages based on economic investment are coming up. Pakistan has to play its role in this opportunity. Our government is making right moves. All bilateral and regional issues must be resolved. Infrastructure development and political stability is imperative for positive changes. The small and poor factions of society must also achieve sustainable progress. The democratic government and rule of law are necessary in this regard.  

UN Perspective on Radio Pakistan

Topic: Youth Volunteerism and development

Participant: Md. Akhtar Uddin (Program Officer of UN Volunteers Programme in Pakistan

" UNV Pakistan envisages perpetuating productive networks for promoting volunteerism through mobilizing international and national UN Volunteers, and put leverages engaging Pakistanis to other countries as UN Volunteers".

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