National Accountability Bureau has processed sixty two thousand six hundred and thirty nine complaints and five thousand three hundred and sixty six inquiries during the last five years.

Majority of the complaints were processed during the year 2013 and 2014 when the Bureau processed twenty thousand and seventy one and nineteen thousand nine hundred and ninety seven complaints respectively.

As per last five years data compiled and placed by Law, Justice and Human Rights Division in Senate, the NAB processed eight thousand three hundred and seventy six  complaints during 2011, nine thousand three hundred and fity three complaints were processed during 2012 while four thousand eight hundred and forty two 4,842 complaints have so far been processed during 2015.

Similarly, the number of inquiries processed during 2011 was nine hundred and sixty three, nine hundred and seventy eight in 2012, eight hundred and seventy three inquiries in 2013, one thousand five hundred and seventeen inquiries in 2014 and one thousand thirty five inquiries were processed during current year.

Moreover, the data further revealed that during the period in question two hundred and forty persons entered into Plea Bargain in one hundred and nine cases.

Consequently, an amount of three thousand seven hundred and twenty six point eight hundred and wenty one million rupees was recovered out of sixteen thousand seventy point eighty five million rupees on account of plea bargain.

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