Bone disorders are more prevalent in women and about 80% of them suffer from those.

This was stated by medical expert Dr Ayesha Abbas while talking in a program of a private News channel.

Bone disorders, she said, were due to vitamin D deficiency which absorbs calcium from intestines and circulate it to different body parts through blood.

Dr Ayesha recommended green leafy vegetables, fish, egg, milk and a glass of milk to prevent vitamin D deficiency.

Tea should be avoided as it depletes calcium from bones, she said and added instead, green tea should be taken.

Dr Ayesha's point of view was endorsed by an article of BBC good food Magazine, which stated, Vitamin D was made in the skin through direct exposure to sunlight.

Approximately 20-30 minutes of direct sunlight two to three times a week should be enough for a person to make the vitamin D they need, it further stated.

"Vitamin D is extremely important for strong bones and teeth, the article emphasised.

"It's really important that our vitamin D levels aren't low or our body won't absorb the calcium we eat, it added.

"There aren't any visual signs of vitamin D deficiency; If our levels are very low and we are severely deficient, we are at risk of developing weaker bones which is a condition known as osteomalacia." it observed.

Severe deficiency in children may result in soft skull or leg bones and their legs may look curved or bow-legged, which was a condition called rickets, it revealed.

Too much sun exposure could be damaging due to the risk of developing skin cancer. Only spend a small amount of time in the sun without sunscreen either early in the morning or late in the afternoon and the rest of the time be sure to cover up and avoid any chance of sunburn, it cautioned.

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