JIT probing Panama papers' case - Punjab Chief Minister recorded his statement

He was talking to the media persons in Islamabad on Saturday after recording his statement before the JIT. He said unlike the military dictators, we, the elected representatives respect the law and the constitution. He said that he has recorded his statement before the JIT with utmost respect. He said the elected prime minister wrote a new chapter the other day in the country 's history by appearing before the JIT. He said today is another historic day when for the first time an elected provincial chief minister presented himself before the investigation team. Shahbaz Sharif said it is not the first time that his family has been subjected to accountability but in eras of PPP and military dictatorship, it was subjected to accountability .

Analysts on Phone: 

Barrister Daniyal Chaudhry (Leader, PML-N):

The Prime Minister and our entire party have always talked about supremacy of law and judiciary. We have appeared before the court whenever it has called us. This is the difference between democratic government and dictatorship. We are again ready to appear before the court. By the grace of God, we will emerge victorious out of this crisis. No one is holy cow and above the system. We have some reservations about the investigation, which must be addressed.

George Khalil (Leader PML-N):

The appearance of the Prime Minister in front of JIT shows that he is innocent. He will get justice from the same JIT. This step has established supremacy of law and democracy . The Prime Minister is giving the answer on behalf of three generations. Everyone will appear before the court in respect of the law and constitution. The CM of Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif, has also shown that no one is superior to law of the land. There should be an across the board accountability and a single family should not be targeted.

Martyrdom day of Hazrat Ali (RA) is being observed with due solemnity

Various programmes have been chalked out in connection with the day where Ulema and scholars will shed light on the life and services of Hazrat Ali (RA) for Islam. In Lahore, a procession in connection with Youm-i-Ali (R.A.) has been taken out from Mubarak Haveli inside Bhati Gate that will culminate at Karbala Gamay Shah. In Karachi, main procession of the day is being taken out from Nishtar Park.  After passing through its traditional routes, the procession will culminate at Imambargah Hussainia Iranian at Kharadar. In Quetta, main procession on the day will be taken out from Shauhda Chowk, Alamdar Road at 9:30 PM tonight and will march through its conventional routes and terminate at its destination. In Gilgit, a procession has been brought from Dakpura Imam Brgah which after passing through Ameer Jahandar Shah Road culminated at Markzi Imamia Masjid at noon.

Analyst on Phone: 

Dr. Tufail Ahmed (Religious Scholar):

Hazrat Ali (RA) is one of the personalities who are pride of Islam. There are many reasons for his pre-eminence in Islam. After Hazrat Khadija (RA) and Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA), he was first of all young boys who embraced Islam. He was brought up by Holy Prophet (PBUH) himself. He was an excellent symbol of bravery in Islam and he fought many holy wars in his life. His wisdom and decision making is glorious part of Islamic history. He helped spreading the message of Islam. He said that society with poverty can survive but a society with injustice cannot sustain.

Host: Dr. Shafiqe Ur Rehman

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