Prime Minister says it is time for us to unite and fight against the internal and external terrorists.  It is an obligation on us towards future generations and others facing oppression .Pakistan has been fighting a war of its identity since its inception.For the past many years, we have been fighting the enemies from within and those abroad. We have faced dark days in our history.However, we have always come through with a resilience that has been an inspiration for the world.It is call of the time that we remain firm and rebuke the henious acts.   Government will do its part in ensuring defeat to those who are attacking the rights and liberties of our fellow countrymen.War on terror will conclude with the victory of our people.

Sartaj Aziz phoned Afghan NSA  

Adviser on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz phoned Afghan National Security Adviser Hanif Atmar and expressed serious concerns regarding terrorist activities in the country being operated from Afghan soil. Sartaj Aziz conveyed deep anguish and pain of people of Pakistan over recent terrorist attacks.

Pakistan asks Afghanistan to hand over seventy-six terrorists

Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa has said that army is for the security of people of Pakistan against all types of threat. In a statement, he asked the nation to stay steadfast with full confidence in their security forces.He said that we shall not let the hostile agenda succeed whatever it may cost

Pakistan-Afghanistan border crossings at Torkham and Chaman have been closed for all sorts of traffic

Over hundred terrorists have been killed during intelligence based and combing operations across the country during the last twenty four hours. DG ISPR


Analysts on Telephone 

Maj. Gen. Retd. Farooq Malik (Defence Analyst):

"Pakistan army and security institutions are working against terrorist groups day in and day out. However, intelligence institutions need to work more vigilantly and remain more informed about the terrorists. We should work more rapidly on NAP. The Prime Minister has rightly said that terrorists must be treated with iron hands. The entire nation is saddened over this brutal act of terrorism. We have to work together to defeat terrorism once and for all."

Dr. Huma Baqai (IR Expert):

"This is a truly sad incident. Our army and security institutions have said that they have killed nearly 100 terrorists after this incident. However, these terrorists should have been arrested earlier. After winter season, the terrorists will try to operate more actively. We should preempt the incidents and take precautionary measures."

Afzal Shigri (Former IG, Sindh):

"It is true that foreign hands are involved in this brutal incident. India is using Afghanistan soil against Pakistan. We should try to speed up our actions against facilitators of the terrorists to overcome this menace. We need to strengthen ourselves internally and unite against this challenge. It is difficult but not impossible to defeat this menace of terrorism. We should keep our spirits high as the destination is nearby."

Aqeel Yousufzai (Expert, Afghan Affairs):

"Pakistan supported Afghanistan and fed its refugees, but terrorists are coming from there to hit our areas. Ironically, Afghanistan itself is suffering in the hands of terrorism. The Indian terrorists infiltrates in Pakistan through Afghanistan. Whenever Pakistan and Afghanistan tries to bridge the differences, third power intervenes to derail the process. The government in Afghanistan does not have its writ throughout the country. It is very difficult decision to close border with Afghanistan. The leadership in Kabul should work with Pakistan to combat this challenge."

Qazi Shahid Pervaiz (Commissioner, Hyderabad Division):

"This was very sad incident. Thousands of people were present inside the shrine. Nearly 84 people have died and 341 are injured. The injured are being treated properly in the hospitals. Ambulances reached the spot promptly after the attack. The common people have supported and helped the injured with blood donations and many other things. The Sindh government has reiterated its resolve to eradicate terrorism with the help of federal government."

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