Prime Minister says it is time for us to unite and fight against the internal and external terrorists.  It is an obligation on us towards future generations and others facing oppression .Pakistan has been fighting a war of its identity since its inception.For the past many years, we have been fighting the enemies from within and those abroad. We have faced dark days in our history.However, we have always come through with a resilience that has been an inspiration for the world.It is call of the time that we remain firm and rebuke the henious acts.   Government will do its part in ensuring defeat to those who are attacking the rights and liberties of our fellow countrymen.War on terror will conclude with the victory of our people.

Sartaj Aziz phoned Afghan NSA  

Adviser on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz phoned Afghan National Security Adviser Hanif Atmar and expressed serious concerns regarding terrorist activities in the country being operated from Afghan soil. Sartaj Aziz conveyed deep anguish and pain of people of Pakistan over recent terrorist attacks.

Pakistan asks Afghanistan to hand over seventy-six terrorists

COAS says recent terrorist acts are being perpetrated on directions from hostile powers and from sanctuaries in Afghanistan.

Pakistan-Afghanistan border crossings at Torkham and Chaman have been closed for all sorts of traffic

Over hundred terrorists have been killed during intelligence based and combing operations across the country during the last twenty four hours. DG ISPR

Host: Ali Naseer 

Co-Host: Ahasan Bashir 

Analysts on Telephone 

Jan Muhammad Khan Achakzai (Leader PML-N):

“We need to remember that terrorism emanates from Afghanistan. The people who attacked us have their sanctuaries, hideouts and support in Afghanistan. The handlers and perpetrators of terrorists must be taken care of. We should tell Afghanistan that those sanctuaries should not be used against Pakistan. We should teach the terrorists lessons diplomatically and at tactical level as well. There are some short term and long term solutions to these problems. We should engage China, Russia and Iran diplomatically to take care of these challenges. Also, we should manage the western border and sanctuaries across the border must be taken care of. We need more energy to curb this terrorism. Terrorism is being used as an instrument to destabilize Pakistan."

Isphanyar Bhandara(Leader PML-N):

“Whatever has happened today is condemnable, but we should not lose our resolve. We should stand by our armed forces, military courts must be re-established and we should not politicize this issue. We should strengthen government arms against terrorism. We need to improve unit level intelligence. We need to keep eye and ear on ground. The enemy has tried to exploit our weak areas. When we compare Pakistan with America, literacy rate is high and poverty level is very low in America. We need to keep our economic engine going to meet this challenge."

Voice Reports Radio Representatives : Altaf Pirzado & Noor Hussain Chand 

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