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Government is heading towards right direction in order to stimulate business activities: Analysts
June 17, 2019

Dr. Noor Fatima (Economist):

The Ultimate goal of the government is to stabilize the economy and attract maximum number of international investors. The incumbent government is committed to encourage the tourists to explore Pakistan’s business and tourism potential. It is imperative to address the major concerns of international investors including ease of doing business, economic and political stability, business friendly, secure and conducive environment for magnetizing the investors for new business ventures. Pakistan has great potential for business and trade. All we need is to strategize our priorities and update already existing economic infrastructure. I am very optimistic that the incumbent government is heading towards the right direction in order to stimulate business activities and stabilize the economy. The vision of the government is very clear and constructive. Gradually the economy will blossom and Pakistan will emerge as an economic power on international front. Opposition must contribute positively instead of creating hurdles in executing the budget.

Mirza Ikhtyar Baig (Economist):

Economic stability is a long and medium term plan. Unfortunately, the previous governments are responsible for current economic crises. Despite all the hardships the incumbent government looks determined to improve the economy by taking some bold decisions. Opposition should record its reservation in the parliament keeping in view the interest of the country.

Hamayun Iqbal Shami (Economist):

The incumbent government is taking concrete steps o increase exports, tourism and portray a positive image of the country. Executing the budget is responsibility of the parliamentarians including opposition. Approval of budget is a constitutional process and any hurdle will cause delay in developmental projects.

Dr. Alia H. Khan (Economist):

Budget is the constitutional and national requirement of the country. Opposition’s immature behavior is quite disappointing. It would be a supreme logical fallacy to say that Budget as a whole is reject able. Rejecting the budget as a whole is only a political move and does not reflect their commitment to help government in stabilizing the economy. As opposition they must realize that we cannot afford such steps in this crucial time. Opposition is coming out with a strategy of agitation and jeopardizing the political system. Opposition is not doing any good for the welfare of common people. It is better to address all reservations on the floor of parliament and any delay in the approval of the budget will negatively affect the economy. The tough budget is imperative for economic stability and growth in the long term.