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Pakistan's housing sector will emerge as an attractive market for investors: Analysts
April 17, 2019

Dr. Ashfaq Hassan (Economist):


Naya Pakistan housing Project is an appreciable step of the incumbent government .Construction industry is mother of all industries. Construction activities generate massive job opportunities in all sectors. It would help in improving economic situation of the country. China is a fine example of development through construction activities. IMF program and current economic situation of the country is a real challenge for in time completion of housing project. The government should establish an adjacent city for building new houses. The low cast houses are planned to facilitate the marginalized community of the country.

Dr. Noor Fatima (Economist): 

Shelter is fundamental right of the human beings. Incumbent government is responsible and committed to provide shelter to the deserving people. Multiple economic activities are linked with housing project. Pakistan's housing sector will emerge as an attractive market for investors .There will be creation of jobs for skilled and unskilled labor and job market will get boost. Unfortunately the previous governments did not give due importance to the housing sector. Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision to make Pakistan a welfare state is appreciable.

Shomail Daud (President Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry): 

This housing project is huge from economic perspective. It will boost economy of the country and will generate great job opportunities. Prime Minister Imran Khan has initiated a great project for the welfare of the deserving people by providing them equitable housing facilitates. The incumbent government will have to incorporate with private sector for the completion of housing project. The business community will have to play positive role for the success and in time completion of the project. 

Dr. Fazal ur Rehman (Economist):


Poverty alleviation programs require long term planning and policies. Incumbent government realizes the need of making economic centric policies to address the issue. Prime Minister Imran Khan is highly concerned with the problems faced by poor people. It is appreciable that poor friendly policies are being made to facilitate the marginalized communities. Construction related projects are highly beneficial for labor industry. Economic reforms are imperative for sustainable development. Every economic activity is interrelated but mega housing project is a test for the government.

Dr. Saboor Ghayur (Economist): 

Housing sector is one of the most significant sectors to alleviate poverty and improve economic situation of the country. It is an appreciable initiative of the government for the welfare of the people of the country .Welfare Programs like Ehsas, Naya Pakistan housing program and health card are highly beneficial for the underprivileged and neglected segments of the country. Mainstreaming of marginalized communities will help stable national economy.