Chinese President Xi Jinping says the Belt and Road Initiative is "a project of the century" that will benefit people across the world. He was addressing the inaugural session of One Belt and One Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing this morning. The Chinese President said the project envisions inclusive and sustainable growth and takes into account development needs of different countries and regions for common prosperity.

The Initiative focuses not only on the Asian, European and African countries, but is also open to all other nations. It consist of the 6 corridors: China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor (CMREC); New Eurasian Land Bridge (NELB); China-Central and West Asia Economic Corridor (CCWAEC); China-Indo-China Peninsula Economic Corridor (CICPEC); China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC); and Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar Economic Corridor (BCIMEC).

PM arrives in Hong Kong on a three day visit to address One Belt One Road Pakistan Investment Forum. During his stay in Hong Kong, the Prime Minister will address One Belt One Road Pakistan Investment Forum which will be participated by leading business companies of Hong Kong and Mainland China. The focus of the Forum will be to highlight business opportunities emerging from the China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

CPEC’s fast paced progress – CPEC A Flagship Program of OBOR

PM says Pakistan and China are standing together for the prosperity and well-being of their people. While talking to Communist Party Secretary of Chinese province of Zhejiang Che Jun in Hangzhou. Speaking on the occasion, the Prime Minister said that China Pakistan Economic Corridor is the flagship project of Belt and Road Initiative.

Host: Waqas Saleem

Co-host: Ghina Mehar

Analysts on Telephone:

Isfanyar Bhandara (Leader, PML-N):

The connectivity between the countries is always important, be it railways or road connectivity. It will not only important for economic benefits but it will help curbing terrorism as well. China is looking for development of neighbors as well. It is trying to establish a network of communication in the whole region. Pakistan’s success is important for China to a great extent. China is willing to help the neighbors and reap its fruits.

Dr. Abid Qayyum Sulehri (Economic Expert):

One Belt and One Road is focused on connectivity of different regions like Asia, Central Asia, Europe and Africa. CPEC is central component to this initiative. China used to use Malacca strait for transportation of goods. Gwadar can provide cheapest connectivity to China and it is a win win situation for Beijing. The initial controversy over routes of CPEC has been resolved and all the provinces are onboard in this project.  

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