Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif says Pakistan has the all the potential and talent to overcome the challenges.

He was talking to outgoing Ambassador of Argentine Rodolfo J. Martin Saravia in Islamabad on Tuesday.

The Prime Minister said the government is committed to steering the country towards claiming its due place amongst developed nations.

He said that no country or nation can succeed without achieving economic stability. He said no such stability is possible if terrorists are allowed to continue with their anti-peace and anti-Pakistan agenda.

Nawaz Sharif said our vision of transforming Pakistan into a modern and developed state cannot be realized if women are ignored.

He said minorities are equal citizen of Pakistan and enjoy rights at par with their countrymen.

The Ambassador admired the Prime Minister's courageous decision of taking the terrorists head on.

He said the Prime Minister has put the country on the right path by turning around its economy.

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