Chief of the Army Staff, General Raheel Sharif, who is on a three-day official visit to Russia met with Russian Land Forces Commander Colonel General Oleg Sayukov in Moscow.               

According to ISPR, they discussed regional security, bilateral defence cooperation and high level military exchanges.

 Speaking in Radio Pakistan's Nukta-e-Nazar Program, Khalid Khattak (Former Ambassador Russia) said :" The on-going visit of army chief is very important because of current regional changing dynamics. This visit aims to cultivate strong bilateral relations with Russia, which is need of the hour especially in the wake of our tensions with neighbouring India. Pakistan and Russia have consensus on some points, i.e., both countries want to eliminate the menace of terrorism from the region. Russia can also play its role to normalize the bilateral relation between Pakistan and India. Russian interest in Pakistan was enhanced after 9/11. Pakistan always works for the normalization in the region through positive diplomacy. Indian efforts to corner Pakistan on international level have been failed due to our government’s vigilant foreign policies".

Ikram Sehgal (Defense Analyst): “Present visit of Army Chief is very significant. Russia has withdrawn its sanctions which were imposed on Pakistan by Russian in past. The credit of this efficient foreign policy goes to Prime Minister and the Army Chief of Pakistan. The role of the Chief of Army Staff is very important on national and international level. The government launched operation Zarb-e-Azb in last year which is giving very positive results in the elimination of terrorism from country as well as on international level".

 Shaista Pervaiz (MNA, PML-N): “This is not the era of conventional war but it is the time to fight on economic front. Pakistan wants to maintain peaceful relations with its all neighbouring countries to win its internal war against terrorism. The visit of Army Chief will be helpful to create economic, defense and political cooperation of Pakistan with Russia.”

Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti (MNA PML-N): “Pakistan and Russia had some differences in past but now Pakistan has settled all issues by crafting positive strategies. Present visit of Army Chief is very important and it will create new avenues of friendship between both counties. Pakistan always followed the policy of peace and dialogue in the region. The strong bilateral relations between Islamabad and Moscow will be helpful to maintain peace and cooperation in the region.”  

Malik Abdul Ghafar Dogar (MNA PML-N) said : “Pakistan is a peaceful country and we want peaceful relations with our neighbors. The improvement in bilateral relations with Russia will bring peace and prosperity in the region. Pakistan always followed the policy of non-interference in the internal matters of other countries".

 Ray Hassan Nawaz (MNA PTI) said: “The visit of the Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif to Russia will strengthen the bilateral relations between the two states. The on-going visit will develop positive impact on Pakistan’s foreign policy toward region.”

 Mushtaq Ahmed Maher (Former Ambassador) said: “Army chief visit to Moscow is of vital importance because both counties are going to launch new era of bilateral relations particularly in defence sector. Moscow is keen to provide security assistance to regional countries. Russia has a good quality communication system and a high level technology based helicopters. Pakistan can take help of Russian technology in war against terrorism. Global strategic environment is changing rapidly and a strong foreign policy is quite necessary for Pakistan. On one side China is emerging as new economic power and on the other side Russia has already a strong position in the region. Russia has a strong influence in the regional affairs and we need to promote our relations with Russia especially in socio-political, economic and defence sector.






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