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Finance Minister Ishaq Dar says Pakistan has successfully completed its reforms programme as per the PML-N manifesto.

Chairing a meeting of the Monetary and Fiscal Policies Coordination Board in Islamabad, he said during this period difficult key structural reforms have been implemented.

The Minister said completion of the programme has strengthened confidence of the international community in government's economic agenda.

He said the government has put the country on the path of sustainable growth, which is being reflected in improved ratings by all major rating agencies including Moody's, S&P and Fitch.

Ishaq Dar said macroeconomic indicators are showing a positive trend as GDP has grown this year by five point three percent, which is a ten-year high.

He said foreign exchange reserves are at a comfortable level, tax revenues have increased by seventy-four percent over the last four years, and load-shedding for industry has been eliminated and substantially reduced for commercial and domestic sector.

The Minister said for the first time the size of the economy has surpassed three hundred billion dollars while on average, income of each Pakistani has increased by twenty-two percent since fiscal year 2012-13.

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