Finance Minister, Ishaq Dar has called upon Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan to focus on development of Non-Banking Finance Institutions, Insurance Sector and Development Finance Institutions for economic advancement in the country.

Addressing officers and officials during his visit to SECP Headquarters in Islamabad, he advised the Commission to take steps for the development of Pakistan Mercantile Exchange which was set up a decade earlier but is still at infancy stage.

He emphasized acceleration in development of Non-Banking Financial sector and asked the Commission to come up with proposals in this regard as a priority.

Ishaq Dar also highlighted the importance of Real Estate Investment Trust and said it was an important medium of capital formation and channelizing the general public savings towards developing the real estate in Pakistan.

Ishaq Dar advised the Commission to take initiatives to educate investors and to make efforts for the development of Mutual Fund Industry so that common people may invest in capital market through Mutual Funds.

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