Regional peace and progress is directly linked to resolution of all outstanding issues, including the core issue of Jammu and Kashmir. The meeting reviews internal and external security situation and the foreign policy imperatives in regional and global context. The Committee expresses grave concern over frequent incidents of cross-border firing by Indian forces over the Line of Control and strongly condemned the grave violations of human rights inflicted upon innocent people of Occupied Kashmir. It reaffirms its continued commitment to pursue peace and stability in Afghanistan through an Afghan owned and Afghan-led peace process. The forum resolved to work at all levels with the people and Government of Afghanistan for removal of all irritants in Afghanistan for terrorist incidents in Pakistan. The Committee expressed satisfaction over the gains of anti-terrorism operations particularly Radd-ul-Fasaad and Khyber-IV and resolved to continue with these operations till elimination of the last trace of terrorist elements.

Analysts on Telephone: 

Dr. Huma Baqai (IR Expert):

The security forces of Pakistan are capable enough to defend the country’s integrity at all costs. The situation in the region is getting worse as India is adopting an aggressive attitude towards Pakistan and China at their border areas. India wants hegemony and destabilizes the regional balance of power. Indian government is making all out efforts to sabotage China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project as Pakistan’s stabilized economy is indigestible to India.

Dr. Talat Wazarat (IR Expert):

The war against terrorism initiated by Pakistan is in crucial stages so Afghanistan must support Pakistan in efforts to combat terrorism by stopping the cross-border movement of the terrorists. Pakistan has strong evidences that Afghan soil is being used by RAW and other agencies for their evil designs against Pakistan. It is fact that there will be economic stability when there will be peace. India is also involved in worst brutalities in Occuped Kashmir, and its forces are using pallet guns against unarmed Kashmiris, which is the violation of human rights.

Topic2: Defence products considerably increased during the tenure of PML-N government

Minister for Defence Production Rana Tanveer Hussain chairs a review meeting on performance of the ministry. Defence industry of the country is producing state-of-the-art products. Minister for Defence Production underlined the need for promotion of local defence products in international markets.The Minister expressed satisfaction over increased level of exports during the PML-N government.

Host: Ali Naseer 

Co-Host: Zahra Sikandar 

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