Thursday, 01 October 2020, 11:30:51 pm
Analysts hail SCO’s move to snub Indian objection to Pakistan's political map
September 16, 2020

Lieutenant General, retired, Asif Yaseen Malik (Former Defense Secretary):  The policies being pursued by Modi-led BJP government in India are posing threat not only to Muslims, but to the entire region. The cases of rape, targeted killing of Muslims and massive human rights violations have increased manifold during the current regime of Narendra Modi.  Unfortunately, the global community, including European Union and the United States, has kept mum over massive human rights violations in Indian Illegally Occupied and Kashmir due to their strategic gains. Modi regime wants to divert attention of the world from its internal crises through cheap tactics. The genie of Indian supremacy is back into the bottle. India's deteriorating relations with its neighbors indicates India's failed diplomacy and its irresponsible attitude towards regional peace and security.

Dr. Huma Baqai (Expert on International Relations): Pakistan is the permanent member of the important regional forum Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The narrative of Pakistan on Kashmir dispute has been acknowledged by the members of this forum. China has also supported Pakistan in this regard. Other regional countries are also supporting Pakistan on this core dispute. Pakistan has recently launched new political map and is also sent in United Nations as well. India is continuously facing humiliation in front of the world over the human rights violations in IIOJ&K. India also faced humiliation by the Chinese army at Laddakh region. The world must have to realize that Indian aggression is a continuous threat for regional peace and stability and the peace in the region will always be at stake. India has portrayed a wrong picture in front of the world but the fact is that under the leadership of Narendra Modi is going to be isolated in the world. The minorities in India are expressing concerns over Modi's policies. India itself has to decide whether to normalize the regional situation and develop strong relations with the neighboring countries or will continue with its controversial and aggressive policies.

Dr. Rasool Baksh Raees (IR Expert): China and Russia have rejected the Indian narrative on Kashmir issue. India always alleged Pakistan in order to isolate it but Pakistan's narrative and positive attitude has always been acknowledged by the civilized countries. Pakistan is effectively responding to every Indian allegation. On the other hand, the brave Kashmiris are determined to get their right to self-determination as promised in UN resolutions and will never compromise on the fundamental rights. India has made all out efforts to remove Kashmir issue from UNSC agenda but has to face a complete failure in this regard. Indian narrative on Kashmir issue has also been rejected at SCO forum. Kashmir dispute has become the nuclear flashpoint and without the solution to this core dispute the Indo-Pak relations can never be normal.

Dr. Zahid Anwar Khan (IR Expert):Indian claims itself as world's largest democratic state where the reality is totally against it. The human rights violations and atrocities in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir negates the Indian claim. The Kashmiris are not being provided their right to self-determination. The minorities are not safe and are not being given the religious freedom in so-called democratic country. India is involved in state terrorism in IIOJ&K and young Kashmiris are the main targets of the Indian forces. However, India cannot suppress the indigenous movement of Kashmiris from their fundamental right of deciding for their future. If India continues its cruel policies in IIOJ&K it definitely will have response from the Kashmiris. India could not be able to blame Pakistan for supporting freedom fighters.