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Global community acknowledges Pakistan's role in Afghan peace process: Analysts
July 16, 2019

Abdullah Gul (Defense Analyst):

India has always used Afghan soil for subversive activities to destabilize Pakistan. India has always played negative role in Afghan reconciliation process. United States has realized the fact that India is a seasonal alley only. Pakistan has emerged as an important political player in Afghanistan peace process and regional politics. Pakistan endorses every initiative taken for regional peace.US has acknowledged the fact that Taliban are emerging as a strong political power in Afghanistan. Pakistan will continue its support an Afghan led Afghan owned peace process for regional stability.

Dr. Ghulam Mustafa (Expert on International relations):

It is diplomatic victory of Pakistan that international community has acknowledged Pakistan’s stance for Afghan peace. Peace process in Afghanistan is heading towards the right direction. Pakistan has clear stance that Afghan led Afghan owned peace process is the ultimate solution to Afghan dispute. Pakistan has always offered its sincere efforts to facilitate Afghan reconciliation process. International community does not play its due role in any global dispute without consideration of its own interest. Regional integration is highly imperative to resolve all outstanding regional conflicts. Indian hegemonic design to dominate the region is greatest hurdle in Afghan peace process.


Federal Cabinet approves a proposal to ban manufacturing, selling, buying and use of polythene bags.

Ali Muhammad Khan (Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs):


Incumbent government's decision to impose ban on the use of polythene bags is highly appreciable. Banning polythene bags will help in improving the environment and cleaning the cities. Use of plastic bags is one of the major factors of polluting environment and causing disastrous impacts on the nature and natural life. The PTI-led government is taking concrete measures to save environment and eradicating the factors disrupting the nature. Government’s decision must be appreciated by all segments of the society. Hopefully it would be replicated in other major cities of the country as well.

Ayesha Javed (Environment expert):

Incumbent government is taking concrete measures to eradicate pollution and saving nature. It is a welcoming step and would help in cleaning the environment. Polythene is a poisonous material which cannot be decomposed and cause destruction to nature. Media and civil society have been raising the issue since long. Ban should be imposed on plastic bags in entire country. This is a great campaign and every citizen should cooperate with government in order to make it successful. It is high time to implement such decisions to save the planet for coming generations. Tree plantation and ban on Polythene bags are highly appreciable steps of incumbent government. Cloth bags are the most suitable alternative of plastic bags.