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Tourism key for economic growth and infrastructure development in Pakistan: Analysts
June 16, 2019

Dr. Noor Fatima (Economist):


Effective foreign policies are interlinked with economy development of any country. The incumbent government is promoting tourism to boost Pakistan’s economy. The major objective of introducing E-Visa is to promote tourism and stimulate economic diplomacy. It can play a significant role in promoting soft image of the country and change the dynamics of the investment. The incumbent government is taking concrete steps to improve the financial outlook of the country and E visa is one of them. Pakistan has a lot to offer to the world. Pakistan believes in the collective efforts not only for Pakistan but for the development of the entire region.

Dr. Aaliya Hashmi (IR Expert):


E Visa is a very welcoming step of the government to flourish tourism and generate economic activities in the country. Pakistan has great potential in tourism sector .The incumbent government is committed to improve tourism sector and facilitate maximum number of tourists. E Visa will also facilitate the international investors and business community to enhance the business opportunities in the country. E Visa will bring positive economic impacts including increase in Domestic economy and local production and will generate job opportunities for indigenous people.

Dr. Zahid Anwar Khan (IR Expert):

Iran and Pakistan enjoy deep historical and religious ties. Pakistan and Iran have cordial bilateral relationship and share geographical as well as spiritual experiences. Both the countries have helped each other in tough times and Pakistan always played a significant role in resolving Iran’s regional and global issues. Pakistan has been supporting a great number of Afghan refugees for last many decades despite its limited resources. Pakistan wants peaceful resolution of all outstanding issues with Afghanistan. Pakistan always welcomed regional cooperation and increased interdependence. Pakistan strongly believes in avoiding any arm conflict between regional countries.

Tahir Khan (Expert on Afghan Affairs): 

A clear road map is imperative for safe return of Afghan refugees. Pakistan is facing many financial and security challenges and it has become harder for Pakistan to further facilitate millions of Afghan refugees. It is responsibility of the Afghan government to make a proper plan for repatriation of Afghan refugees living in Pakistan. Global community should appreciate and acknowledge Pakistan for hosting largest influx of Afghan refugees.