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US playing dual role in resolving int'l issues, encourages Israel to carry out atrocities in Palestine: Analysts
May 16, 2018

Maj Gen Retd Aijaz Awan ( Defence Analyst):

The United States is playing a dual role in resolving international issues. It was the only US which supported interests of Israel at all international forums. US is behind all unrest prevailing in  Palestine, Israel and Iraq as it has  only one point agenda and that is, to safeguard interests of Israel and to occupy oil resources of Middle East.

There was no need to relocate US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. It was a conspiracy hatched by US to create unrest in the region. United Nations is worst example of dictatorship. The countries having veto power in the United Nations, always turned down those resolutions which are not coincided with their interests. UN has failed to resolve to play its leading role in resolving international conflicts. 

Dr Huma Baqai ( I.R Expert):

The massacre of Palestinians in Gaza, in fact is a murder of humanity. It is the issue of humanity and human rights.  It seems US is safeguarding a certain lobby and encourages Israel to carry out atrocities in Palestine. The latest move in Middle East is a try to make hostage the peace of world.

It is to be noted that if Middle East peace is deteriorated, then the peace of entire world is feared to be disturbed. It is unfortunate that OIC could not play a constructive role in resolving the Palestinian issue.