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Pakistan joined Islamic military alliance to fight terrorism: Analysts
April 16, 2018

Dr Rasheed Ahmad Khan (IR expert): It is very important development that Muslim world has established a counter terrorism force and Pakistan is important country in this regard. The basic motive of this force is to snub growing extremism and terrorism across the Muslim world. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia enjoy cordial bilateral relations and latter assists Pakistan in the critical times. Pakistan has made it clear that the military alliance will only be used to counter terrorism and extremism. The effective use of this alliance can help bring stability and peace in the war torn Muslim countries. Although the military alliance of 24 Muslim nations has some political motives but its security agenda is more prominent and clear.  

Dr Muhammad Khan (IR expert): Pakistan welcomes everyone from India who visits us whereas; India always stopped hundreds of Sikh Yatris from travelling to Pakistan to participate in their religious rituals. Current government in India is making difficulties for Sikh Yastris who want to visit Pakistan. India’s allegations to stop her High Commissioner from meeting Sikh Yatris who are visiting Pakistan are baseless. There is no reason for Indian hate propaganda against Pakistan. Pakistan never prevents anyone from visiting their religious places. Even Pakistan allowed the family of Indian spy kulbushan Jadhav to meet him on humanitarian grounds.