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Four people killed in a US drone attack in Kurram Agency along the Pak-Afghan border this afternoon

A U.S. drone strike on Friday killed three militants in one of Pakistan’s federally administered areas near its border with Afghanistan, a senior regional official said. Two missiles were dropped in the attack.

Earlier, Pakistan 's Prime Minister had said in an interview with a news agency. “We are fighting the war against terror, anything that degrades our effort will only hurt the U.S. effort,” Abbasi said in an interview in Islamabad on Monday. “What does it achieve?”

Prime Minister urges the United States to respect Pakistan 's sovereignty and refrain from any drone attacks on its soil (12-09-17)

In an interaction with Foreign Media personnel in Islamabad Prime Minister said Pakistan supports peace and stability in Afghanistan more than any other country in the region . Shahid Khaqan Abbasi urged Afghanistan to take practical steps for elimination of safe havens of terrorists from its soil.  He said the United States should respect sovereignty of Pakistan and there is no need to conduct drone attacks in Pakistan . He said Pakistan has done more than its part in fight against terrorism. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said terrorists from across Pak Afghan border are trying to destabilize Pakistan and Pakistan has carried out border management to secure its own border.

Analysts live on Phone: 

Dr. Zahid Anwar: (IR Expert)

Pakistan has sacrificed a lot in this war against terror. Pakistan’s efforts, successes and sacrifices in fight against terrorism have been unparalleled. The drone strike was a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty and a breach of the international law.
Dr. Amna Mehmood: (IR Expert)

Such actions like this drone attack could adversely impact the ongoing efforts for facilitating peace in the region . Pakistan has achieved so much success in war against terror. Success in different military operations is on record.

Maj Gen. Retd Muhammad Farooq Malik: (Defence Expert)

US double standards will affect the peace process in the region . Pakistan has clearly raised its voice to that now it’s the world that needs to do more. US has absolutely failed in Afghanistan and now blaming Pakistan .

Dr. Rashid Ahmad: (Expert on World Affairs)

Only dialogue can bring peace in Afghanistan. US despite having military might have failed to bring peace . US do not carry out operation against Taliban hiding in Afghanistan. Pakistan has provided lists of all terrorists but no action was taken against them. It is impoosible for the world to promote peace without pakistan 's support.  

Host: Dr. Shafiqu Ur Rehman 

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