Addressing Leaders’ Roundtable on Policy Synergy at conference of Belt and Road Forum is under way in Bejing PM says

It is imperative that we It is now turning into the centre of gravity for half of the world’s economies – in Asia, in Africa and in Europe. He pointed out that the initiative is firmly supported by the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the Silk Road Fund. UN Bodies and regional organisations have embraced it, as multiple projects under the “One Belt-One Road” have complementarity. As part of the same initiative under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor banner, we have made phenomenal progress in a short span of time through active participation in the areas of infrastructure, energy, industrial zones and telecommunications.

Host: Dr Shoaib

Analysts on Telephone:

Dr. Manzoor Khan Afridi (Expert on CPEC)

The importance of One Belt One Road initiative cannot be ignored. Pakistan has an important geographical location and important player of China Pakistan Economic Corridor project. China wants to connect the world through this corridor to improve trade. Three continents and 62 countries will be linked through this mega project. We will also have an easy access to European countries through OBOR. The importance of South Asian region has increased through this game changer project. All the land-lock countries will promote trade through Pakistan. Many countries are still willing to join this mega project. 21st century is the century of South Asian region. CPEC is in national interest of all the countries in the region.

Dr. Murtaza Mughal (President, Pakistan Economy Watch)

India is striving to isolate Pakistan. But it is frustrated for India because economy of Pakistan and its bilateral and trade relations with other countries are improving day by day. A time will come when India will be desperate to join CPEC as well. China has warmly welcomed Prime Minister which is a message to the world that China has strong friendly relations with Pakistan. The elements that are trying to sabotage China Pakistan Economic Corridor project are the enemies of Pakistan and are traitors as well. Opponent parties who claim that they have the support of youth should realize that it is not true. The political parties must resolve their issues with the government through dialogue rather than unconstitutional sit-ins and protests.

Dr. Hamayun Iqbal Shami (President, Pakistan Economic Forum)

One Belt One Road is the part of China Pakistan Economic Corridor project that will connect the countries of three continents. Foreign investments in Pakistan have improved because of this project. Our GDP has also improved as the government managed to overcome power shortage to a great extent. Certain economic zones will be established that help reduce unemployment. Road infrastructure has also improved. It is a fact that Pakistan is taking maximum advantage of CPEC. This game changer project is also an opportunity for the local investors and get benefits.

Dr. Noor Fatima (IR Expert)

After the 9/11 incident there were remarkable changes in international politics and it was quite clear that terrorism could be defeated only through economic development.  It is now the time of economic development only. Pakistan is among the vital stake holders in China Pakistan Economic Corridor project. China and Pakistan have been inviting other countries including India to join this project to strengthen their economies.

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