Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique says the journey of progress will continue under the leadership of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.

Addressing a function in Bahawalpur on Sunday, he said that the government has started development projects all over the country for the betterment of its masses.

The Federal Minister said that political issues should be resolved at political forums. He said the political parties should not cross the red lines for point scoring.  He said the negative politics is biggest hurdle in the development of the country. He said the competition among the political parties should be based on their performance rather than allegation.

Talking about the Panama Papers, Saad Rafique said that the Terms of References for the probe commission will be finalized in consultation with the judiciary. He asked the politicians not to act as judges.

Speaking about his ministry, he said revolutionary steps are being taken for the betterment of Pakistan Railways. He said the income of Pakistan Railways has increased from 18 billion to 35 billion rupees during the last three years. He said that Pakistan Railways has 80 locomotives for freight purpose. He said the share of Pakistan Railways in freight is four percent and it is going to be increased to 20 percent shortly.

Saad Rafique said the renovation of the railway stations is underway and during the next year 31 stations will be renovated. He said e-ticketing system will be introduced in Pakistan Railways within three months.

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