"US-Pakistan relationship is important: John Kirby"

United States has reiterated its commitment to work with Pakistan for the elimination of terrorism from the region. US State Department spokesperson John Kirby in a daily press briefing said relations with Pakistan are very important and vital for the United States because we have shared threats and shared concerns, shared interest in the region, and we’re going to continue to work at it. Pakistan and Afghanistan still face a shared threat from terrorist networks that’s why we are working with the Government of Pakistan to counter that threat.

Taking part in NCAC program "Islamabad Taza Tareen" analysts have termed the Pak-US relations as long term which occasionally witness ups and downs. 

Dr. Hassan Askari Rizvi (Analyst): “This statement reflects that both countries have relations as well as difficulties. The US wants Pakistan to serve its agenda. There is a vacuum in relations between the two countries. Both US and Pakistan want to eradicate the menace of terrorism. In a book titled “No exit from Pakistan”, it has been stated that US reliance on Pakistan will continue, but there will also be concerns. There are two things. First is the internal politics of the US. Secondly, there are some think tanks which have a tilt towards India and they do not want to see Pakistan progressing. We have both official and unofficial relations with the US. Our media, universities and academics have collaboration with the US and we should get benefit of it while framing our foreign policy.”

Dr. Rasheed Ahmad Khan (Analyst): “There is nothing new in statement of John Kirby. The US officials think that Pak-US relations are long-term and they cannot be compromised on small issues. Pakistan needs US and the US needs Pakistan. Pakistan is not an ordinary country. It is an established nuclear power and Americans know this fact very well. US is a big market of Pakistani products. I hope the issue of the provision of F-16s to Pakistan will be resolved. Pakistan should take a cautious approach and wait patiently for the resolution of this issue.”

Dr. Hussain Shaheed Sohrwordy (Analyst): “This is a continuation in the relations between Pakistan and the USA. There are ups and downs in this bilateral relation, but both countries will suffer if the relations break down. The US needs support of Pakistan in order to achieve its objectives in this region. And Pakistan is an important part of South Asia. Pakistan has achieved remarkable successes in Operation Zarb-e-Azb and the network of terrorists has been dismantled. This is not only Pakistan’s war. The whole world is getting the benefits of it. The one step forward, two steps backward approach by the US at this juncture is ridiculous. It is noteworthy that getting support of Pakistan is obligatory for the US. The US while acknowledging our sacrifices in war against terrorism should supply us the modern aircraft and weaponry.”

Dr. Mansoor Kundi (Analyst): “The statement of White House spokesperson is important. The relations of Pakistan and US span over many decades. Pakistan has helped the US on numerous occasions. Pakistan Army has its own policy. The army has achieved many successes in war against terrorism which have been hailed by the international community.”


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