Pakistan has called for a comprehensive international approach to wipe out terrorists from the world.

Speaking in the U.N. Security Council, Pakistan Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi said the failure to redress genuine grievances of the weak against the powerful created the breeding grounds of terrorism. 

She said terrorism could not be associated with any religion, culture or region.  

She said the unprecedented use of social media platforms by terrorists allowed them to engage young people, disseminate messages and mobilize recruits.

Maleeha Lodhi emphasized countering online radicalization and measures to prevent such groups from exploiting the digital space.

She said Pakistan's National Action Plan to counter terrorism contains six specific action points that directly and indirectly aim to counter the narratives and ideologies of terrorists.

She said Pakistan stands ready to share its national experience with the international community to further our common goal of defeating terrorism and eliminating violent extremism.

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