Pakistan believes that Afghan-owned and Afghan-led political settlement is imperative for restoring long-lasting peace in Afghanistan.

This was stated by Foreign Office Spokesperson Nafees Zakaria during the weekly press briefing in Islamabad on Thursday.

While rejecting the military solution to Afghan conflict, he said the country has been in a war like situation for the last forty years. Pakistan has suffered tremendously due to the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan.

Replying to a question, the spokesperson said the longstanding conflicts in Afghanistan have given space to non-state actors.

He said China and Pakistan are making concerted efforts for restoring peace in Afghanistan.

He, however, said the internal weaknesses of Afghanistan should not be blamed on others.

Regarding the sideline meeting of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the Russian President Vladimir Putin during the SCO summit, the spokesperson said an immense potential exists in the field of education, culture, trade, and defense for further boosting the bilateral relations.

Nafees Zakaria said Pakistan welcomes mediation offer by Russian President to ease tension between Islamabad and New Delhi. 

He pointed out that showing complete disrespect to the holy month of Ramazan, Indian forces martyred more than 25 Kashmiris and injured over 200 using brute force and pellet guns in Occupied Kashmir.

The Spokesperson said Pakistan has broached this issue with UN Human Rights officials in Geneva. Pakistan has also effectively taken up violations of Kashmiris' rights and Indian atrocities at the 35th session of Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Responding to a question, Nafees Zakaria regretted that Indian authorities did not permit Sikh pilgrims having valid visas to travel to Pakistan for "Jor Mela".

Meanwhile, Foreign Office spokesperson says India's contention to strike out Pakistan's claim to the Funds transferred by the State of Hyderabad to the account of the Pakistan High Commissioner to UK in September 1948 was dismissed last year.   

In a query, the FO spokesperson said the English Judge has now issued a side procedural ruling on the costs issues.

He said the Judge has confirmed that Pakistan won on all its main arguments and has reserved costs to the end of the hearing, which is a standard order.   

On the costs issue, which has been argued separately, it was decided that the financial claims made by India and other parties were not time-barred.

Spokesperson said these are a tiny fraction of the overall costs which Pakistan may recover at the end of the process, if successful.

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