Finance Minister, Ishaq Dar says the macroeconomic indicators are showing a positive trend.

He was chairing a meeting of the Monetary and Fiscal Policies Coordination Board in Islamabad on Saturday.

The Finance Minister said GDP has grown this year by 5.3 percent which is a 10-year high. He said foreign exchange reserves are at a comfortable level, tax revenues have increased by 73 percent over the last four years.

He said gas availability has improved and load-shedding for industry has been eliminated and substantially reduced for commercial and domestic sector.

Ishaq Dar said per capita income today stands at 1,629 dollars as compared to 1,334 dollars four years ago.

The Finance Minister said that as per the party manifesto of PML (N), Pakistan has successfully completed its reform programme.

Meanwhile, addressing the meeting regarding payment of sales tax refunds at FBR headquarter in Islamabad the Minister said government is conscious of the problems being faced by the taxpayers and is taking a number of steps to resolve these problems.

He said first part of the commitment regarding refund payment orders to the taxpayers made in the budget speech is being fulfilled and payment has been made against 6853 refund payment orders of one million rupees issued by 30th April this year.

The Minister expressed hope that the new FBR Chairman and his team will strive to overcome the challenges and to achieve the target for the new financial year

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