"Federal Cabinet decides to observe Black Day in the Country on Tuesday against Indian Brutalities in Occupied Kashmir "

Addressing the Special Cabinet meeting in Lahore today, says the movement of Kashmiris is a freedom movement and Indian brutalities will give more impetus to the freedom struggle.Seven hundred thousand Indian soldiers deployed in Occupied Kashmir could not suppress the struggle of Kashmiris.Prime Minister directed all the relevant departments to highlight Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir by the Indian forces at international fora.Kashmiri leader Burhan Wani was a freedom fighter.Kashmiris will ultimately get their right of freedom.

Current Unrest in Indian Occupied Kashmir

The 2016 Kashmir unrest also known as Burhan Aftermath refers to a series of violent protests in the Muslim majority Kashmir Region in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir(J&K).
It started with the killing ofBurhan Wani, on 8 July 2016, by Indian security forces
 After his killing, 10 districts of Kashmir Region in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir(J&K) came under curfew, as more than 40 protesters were killed and 300 injured in clashes by the Indian security forces within 6 days.Kashmir is still under Curfew on 12 July 2016 from 8 July 2016.

United Nation and US Concerns

United Nations chief Ban Ki-moon concerned over the Kashmir tense situation as reported by his spokesperson Stephane Dujarric and calls for maximum restraint.US State department spokesperson John Kirby while briefing the newsmen in Washington said that the United States is concerned about the violence in Indian-held Kashmir during which 30 people have been killed by Indian forces.

Live on Telephone:

Nafees Zakria (Spokesperson, Ministry of Foreign Affairs):

 “Pakistan has always condemned Indian violation of human rights in Kashmir. Today, Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, during a special meeting of cabinet, has reiterated Pakistan’s resolve to continue political and moral support to right of self determination available to Kashmiri people. He has advised all concerned departments to highlight Kashmir issue on all international forums. Pakistan is successfully apprising global community about Indian forces’ aggression and atrocities in Indian held Kashmir. Kashmir dispute must be resolved under the supervision of UN with consensus. Pakistan has told all major powers, EU and ICO about human rights violations by India in Kashmir. UN secretary general has also urged for the solution of Kashmir dispute according to UN resolutions.”

 Maj. Retd. Farooq Malik (Defense Analyst):

“Kashmir is one of the long standing unresolved issues in UN agenda. Pakistan has always supported Kashmir movement for independence. It has always highlighted Indian atrocities and human rights violations in Kashmir on international forums. Pakistan has condemned Indian assault in Kashmir. It is utter failure of UN as an organization that it has not resolved Kashmir issue even after decades. All international forums and human right organizations have not played their part for solution of Kashmir issue.”

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