Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan says the government has decided to re-launch Pakistan Origin Card with a new name as Temporary Residence Card.Addressing news conference in Islamabad Says if any foreigner women marry to Pakistani national then initially she will be issued visa for one year that will be extendable up to five years subject to security clearance and after five years she will qualify for Temporary Residence Card. He said no any un-documented person will be allowed in Pakistan. He said in past there was no proper check and balance but now the government is fully focused to ensure the national interest.

Host : Arshad Malik

Analyst on Telephone :

Dr.Darsha (MNA PML-N) :

“ Re- verification of CNICs is a good step for the integrity of the countery. Government is taking solid steps to maintain peace  in the country . On the directions of Prime Minister step has been taken and now the documentation of foreigners is being made according to law.

Nawaz Raza (Journalist ):

"We must appreciate the steps which our government has taken for the verification of CNICs. Government has blocked a large number of fake ID cards . This first time that any government has taken inactive for the verification ."

Topic : India stands exposed on the issue of terror financing and subversive activities in Pakistan: FO

Foreign Office Spokesperson Nafees Zakariya says India has been totally exposed for terror-financing and subversive activities in Pakistan through Kulbhushan Yadav's episode.India has been blowing the trumpet of terrorism since long, but the fact is that the country's intelligence agency itself is involved in terrorism.   The Spokesman said Kulbushan Yadav was an agent of RAW and a serving officer of Indian Navy. He said Yadav has been awarded death sentence according to the law of the land.

Analysts on Telephone :

Dr.Zahid Anwar Khan (Expert on World Affairs )

Pakistan ,Afghanistan and UN jointly resolve the issue of repatriation of Afghan refugees to their homeland . Pakistan has provide shelter million of Afghan refugees since 1979 . International community must come forward to help the Pakistan . Pakistan has rendered many sacrifices for the Afghan refugees and world must appreciate the role of our country.

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