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PM to forcefully raise Kashmir issue at UNGA’s session: Analysts
September 15, 2019

Shah Mehmood Qureshi (Foreign Minister):


Modi regime took unilateral, unconstitutional and illegal decision to revoke special constitutional status of Indian Occupied Kashmir on 05 August. New Delhi's jingoistic attitude has exposed BJP's narrow mindedness and hegemonic designs against Pakistan. India does not seem serious in resolving Kashmir dispute politically and dialogues in such circumstances are not possible. Pakistan is eyeing upon world powers for facilitation and mediation to resolve Kashmir dispute. International community has to play constructive role in order to resolve Kashmir issue. Pakistan is committed to continue its diplomatic efforts. Prime Minister Imran Khan will lead the delegation at the United Nations General Assembly session and Kashmir is the top priority agenda of PM's address in UNGA session. PM is determined to sensitize the international community and expose worst human rights violation committed by India .Post curfew situation in the valley.

Syed Fakhar Imam (Chairman Kashmir Committee):


Pakistan is committed to expose atrocities and brutalities committed by Indian troops in Indian Occupied Kashmir at every international fora. The situation in Kashmir is alarming as people have no access to food, medicines and basic remedies of life. It is diplomatic victory of Pakistan that International community has taken notice of Indian atrocities in Indian Occupied Kashmir. International media have also exposed human rights violations committed by Indian troops in Indian Occupied Kashmir. UNSC's informal consultation on Jammu & Kashmir after an interregnum of 50 years is a major development and diplomatic victory of Pakistan. The United Nations and global human rights organizations have shown serious concern over round-the-clock curfew, information blockage, arbitrary arrests, and violent and lethal suppression of protests in Occupied Kashmir. India should realize that Kashmir is an international issue and humanitarian crisis in the held valley are matter of great concern for the entire world. Prime Minister Imran Khan has declared that he will strongly propound Kashmir's cause in his address to the UN General Assembly and in his meetings with other heads of state and government.

Ali Amin Gandapur (Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan):

Unfortunately, the previous governments remained fail to highlight Kashmir issue at international fora effectively. The PTI-led government has taken corrective measures to sensitize the world on Kashmir issue. Narendra Modi has committed a "strategic blunder" by revoking Article 370 of its constitution. Scraping special status of Kashmir has internationalized the Kashmir issue. It is high time for international community to intervene and resolve Kashmir issue through peaceful political means. In recent interview, Prime Minister Imran Khan has rightly said that India can go to any extent to divert the world's attention from Kashmir issue. Pakistan has successfully exposed Indian hegemonic designs. India should be aware that Pakistan will never compromise on Kashmir cause and we are always ready to make any effort to resolve Kashmir issue in accordance with the will of the people of Kashmir.

Ali Muhammad Khan (Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs):


Pakistan is peace loving nation and believes in resolving every regional dispute through negotiations. India always reciprocated negatively to Pakistan's sincere offer of talks. Islamabad does not want to start any war in the region, and is committed to go at any extent to support the people of Kashmir. Pakistani nation is always ready to give befitted response to any Indian aggression. Prime Minister Imran Khan is committed to advocating the Kashmir cause globally as an ambassador of Kashmir. It is appreciable that Pakistani nation is highly enthusiastic towards Kashmir cause.

Dr. Huma Baqai (Expert on International Relations):

India's stubborn attitude is the biggest hurdle in resolving Kashmir dispute politically. The immediate concern of Pakistan is to increase diplomatic pressure on India to end lock down in Occupied Kashmir and ease the life of the people. Pakistan is trying to sensitize the World regarding alarming situation in the held valley. Kashmir is the priority agenda of Pakistan at every international fora. Pakistan is committed to raise this issue and support Kashmir cause at every international level. India is habitual of violating international laws and norms. International community should take notice of India's unilateral actions which can lead the whole region towards massive catastrophe. India's provocative attitude is posing serious threat to global peace. India is trying to get Pakistan black listed and divert world's attention from what it has done in IOK. Kashmir is the volatile bone of contention between two nuclear states.

Lieutenant General, retired, Naeem Khalid Lodhi (Defense Analyst):


Incumbent government has internationalized the Kashmir issue in an unprecedented manner. The United Nations General Assembly is the most appropriate diplomatic platform to highlight Kashmir issue. Pakistan has already sensitized the entire international community about human rights violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir. No diplomatic effort of Pakistan has positively been reciprocated by India. The criminal silence of world powers is further escalating tensions in region. Pakistan will have to take more aggressive measures to rescue the people of Kashmir. India has failed in its efforts to suppress voice of the people of Kashmir through use of brute force.

Dr. A. Z. Hilali (IR Expert):


China has always supported Pakistan's stance in Kashmir issue at international front. Iran is also concerned with worst human rights violations committed by Indian troops in Indian occupied Kashmir. Any confrontation between two nuclear states will result in massive catastrophe. International community has failed to take any practical in resolving Kashmir dispute. World powers are pursuing economic centric policies and seem less concerned with humanity. International media is highlighting Indian atrocities and Kashmir has become their top agenda. Modi is a terrorist and pursuing RSS ideology which is based on hatred and extremism. Pakistan should continue its diplomatic efforts to sensitize the world regarding Kashmir issue. Pakistan is determined to highlight Kashmir cause at every international level and expose Indian brutalities in held valley.

Dr. Zahid Anwer Khan (IR Expert):


Modi has converted Occupied Kashmir into largest prison of the world. The whole valley is heavily militarized and people are cut off from rest of the world. Unfortunately International community is not playing any constructive role to resolve Kashmir issue. It is a matter of great concern that Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) has also failed to stand with the Muslims of Kashmir. Pakistan is committed to support the people of Kashmir diplomatically, morally and politically. Modi fascist approach has destroyed the democratic and secular face of India. No rationale is justified for illegal occupation of entire nation. India is committing genocide to change the demography of Occupied Kashmir. Modi's war hysteria and jingoism is posing serious threat to regional peace. Minorities in India are not safe under BJP's Hindu fundamentalist regime.