Sunday, 25 August 2019, 02:07:14 am
Latest act of terrorism on oil facility in Saudi Arabia actually targeted world supplies
May 15, 2019

Abdullah Gul (Defence Analyst): 


It is a tragic incident in which two oil pumping stations for the East-West pipeline had been hit by explosive-laden drones in Saudi Arabia. Pakistan has done what it has to done. Saudi Arabia is close friend of Pakistan and always supported Islamabad in its crucial times. Being an important Islamic country, Pakistan has religious sentiments with Saudi Arabia as well. The latest acts of terrorism in the Arabian Gulf not only target the Kingdom but also security of the oil supplies to the world economy. The anti-Islam elements have always been trying to create confusion among the Muslim countries. Pakistan stands with Saudi Arabia and will not remain silent on any attack on the friendly country. Pakistan always reiterates its full support and solidarity with the government and people of Saudi Arabia against any threats to the kingdom’s territorial integrity and Harmain Shareefain.

Economic Coordination Committee approves Technical Supplementary & Supplementary Grants for different Ministries/Divisions

Dr Alia H. Khan (Economist):

The International Monetary Fund has agreed to lend Pakistan six billion dollar to bail it out of a balance-of-payment crises, ending months of negotiations amid a slumping economy. This bailout package will definitely support the government in overcoming economic challenges to the great extent. Pakistan will be in a position to avail bailout package from the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank up to three billion dollar in additional assistance. Through the package, Pakistan will resolve its balance-of-payment crises. The bailout will help bridge the gap this year as well as in the coming three years.