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Continuous clampdown has exposed India's plans to change Occupied Kashmir demography: Analyst
January 15, 2020


Zartaj Gul (Minister of State for Climate Change):The global climate is changing dramatically and Pakistan is one of the most vulnerable countries, as far as climate change is concerned. We have witnessed the unprecedented cold and hot weathers this year. Pakistan has been facing extreme rainfall, summers and winters for the last one decade. The government has directed the concerned authorities to remain vigilant to counter any emergency situation due to extreme weather conditions. Unfortunately, the previous governments did not pay attention to the changing weather patterns. We are not equipped with latest technology to counter disasters. Incumbent government is taking concrete measure to strengthen Disaster Management Authority. It is unfortunate that people lost their lives due to harsh weather in the country. Rescuing the people affected by the extreme cold is the top most priority of the government. Effective Risk Reduction/Disaster Management is imperative to combat future challenges caused by climate change however, short term policies are useless. Those responsible for manmade disasters should be dealt with iron hands. 

Dr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal (IR Expert) 

The Indian government has imposed unprecedented lockdown to avoid retaliation of Kashmiri people. Pakistan has effectively highlighted Kashmir issue at the intentional front and exposed worst human rights violations committed by brutal Indian forces. It is diplomatic victory of Pakistan that the Security Council has taken notice of worsening situation of the occupied Kashmir. Modi is following the footsteps of Israel and India's friends at international front are further escalating situation by observing criminal silence over Indian atrocities in the held valley. There is chaos in India due to BJP's Hindu fundamental policies.

Nuqta e Nazar

Dr. Huma Baqai (IR Expert)

It is diplomatic victory of Pakistan that despite India's efforts, Pakistan has successfully sensitized the international community regarding worsening human rights violations in Indian held Kashmir. It is need of the hour to pursue aggressive diplomacy to reverse BJP's move of revoking Article 370 and sort out a permanent solution of Kashmir dispute. The continuous clampdown and communication ban in the held valley has exposed India's plans to change demography of Kashmir. Pakistan has clear stance that Islamabad would not allow its soil to be used against any country. Pakistan is always ready to facilitate peace process; however we cannot afford to become a part of any conflict. Pakistan's commitment to sustain durable peace in the region is highly acknowledgeable.


Lt Gen (retd) Naeem Khalid Lodhi (Defense Analyst)

The United Nations Security Council is a significant platform to discuss the issue of Kashmir. The United Nations observers would present their reports in the meeting. We should not keep our hopes very high however; it is a welcoming development that world powers have started taking notice of human rights situation in the held valley. The United Nations must send their observer's mission to Indian occupied Kashmir to record first hand information regarding actual situation in the held valley. Pakistan has always played a positive role for the global peace. We have always pursued the policy of peace. Indian political and military leaderships are habitual of giving provocative statements; whereas Islamabad has always responded in a wise manner to avoid confrontation. Pakistan has played a significant role to deescalate tension between the United States and Iran.


Saeed Qureshi (Director National Disaster Management Authority)

The rescue operations are under way to give maximum possible relief to the affectees of recent natural disaster. The Northern areas of Pakistan have witnessed worst weather conditions and rainfall this year. The impact of climate change is worsening with the passage of time. Seventy-six people died in Azad Kashmir and 58 got injured. Those injured have been provided immediate medical assistance. Emergency operation centers are already working and an emergency desk has been established for rapid communication and coordination. Telephonic communication is badly affected and we are not able to access all the affected areas due to weather situation. Pakistan Army is doing a tremendous job by coordinating in rescue operations. Another spell of cold is expected in coming week and in order to deal with that recue authorities have chalked out an aggressive rescue plan. We are fully prepared to launch the rescue operations.


PSL Special

Jalal ud Din (Former cricket player)

Finally we have reached to the point where we are arranging a significant cricket event in our own country. It indicates that security situation has improved in the country. The tickets of PSL should be affordable for general public. Seating arrangement should be made comfortable and access to the ground should be made easy. It is an entertainment event which can be improved with better arrangements and live performances .The foreign players have played well in the past however home ground is in the favor of Pakistani players. Crowd plays an important role in the performance of players. Radio is a significant and strong media to project the whole event. Quetta Gladiators, Peshawar Zalmi and Islamabad United have played well in the past. Lahore Qalanders should perform well this time.


Naya Jahan

Altaf Hussain Wani (Hurriyet Leader)

The situation in Indian occupied Kashmir is worsening day by day. Modi has highly militarized the whole valley and converted it into the largest prison of the world. The people of Kashmir are facing sever Indian atrocities for last seven decades. The brave people of Kashmir are struggling for their legitimate right of self-determination and would never compromise on their freedom struggle. It is responsibility of the United Nations Security Council to resolve the Kashmir dispute in accordance with the will of Kashmiri people and its resolutions. Unfortunately, the United Nations has failed to resolve Kashmir issue and pressurize India to stop brutalities in Indian occupied Kashmir. The World powers are biased towards Muslims. Indian Prime Minister Narender Modi has tarnished the secular face of his country.