1- Dawn of new era- CPEC trade starts through Gwadar Port-One Belt One Road initiative to connect many regions-departure of the first major trade cargo from Gwadar Port marks the beginning of new trade era

2- Trump’s Policy for immigrants-US President elect Donald Trump says he will deport two to three million undocumented immigrants “immediately” upon taking office.

3-Growing public anger across India -Growing public anger across India over limited cash availability following the surprise demonetisation of two higher value 500 and 1000 currency notes by Modi

4-Japan exposes Indian lies about the "Nuclear Deal" -Japan makes it clear that it will invoke an “emergency” suspension of supplies if India were to test a nuclear weapon, and contest any compensation claims from India in court while India denies the clause

5-Battle against IS in Iraq-Iraqi forces claim they have recaptured Nimrud the site of an ancient Assyrian city blown up by the Islamic State group

7-Earthquake in New Zealand-A powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake killed two people and caused massive infrastructure damage in New Zealand today

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