”Ustad Nazim Ali Khan” (Sarangi Maestro)


Born in 1930, Nazim Ali Khan began to study Sarangi with Mian Karim Bakhsh and then became a pupil of Ustad Akhtar Hussain Khan of Patiala gharana. In the beginning, Young Nazim Ali played Sarangi in film orchestra for years.

Afterwards, he joined Radio Pakistan Lahore as a staff artist, where his hard practice and experience up-graded him as Ustad Nazim Ali Khan . He accompanied on Sarangi with the great luminaries. Ustad Nazim Ali Khan was a very handsome and well-dressed man. He was a pious, humble and light hearted. 




Writer: Ustad Ghulam Haider Khan  

Narrator: Khurshid Ali          

Producer: Zeeshan Ahmad

It is PBC Lahore Production.

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