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Climate Change Ministry has evolved a plan to utilize floodwater for creation of wetlands and recharging of ground water.

Member National Assembly Moeen Watto and Secretary Climate Change Abu Muhammad Akif said this at a news briefing in Islamabad on Tuesday.

They said the government is working on a long-term plan to avoid losses due to floods by utilizing water in different projects.

They said under the plan , riverbed areas of all major rivers will be converted into wetlands.

The wetlands project will save ten times more water than Terbela and Mangla Dams and negotiations are underway with China to incorporate this with China Pakistan Economic Corridor project.

The Secretary Climate Change said polders would also be developed in more flooded areas where water can be spread on a large barren area.

A ten-member Pakistan delegation has completed a study tour of China to observe Chinese projects of wetlands.

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