Pakistan strongly protests against border firing from Afghan side

Afghan Charge d'Affaires was called to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to convey Pakistan's strong protest over unprovoked firing by the Afghan forces at Pakistani forces on Torkham border crossing. Two soldiers and nine civilians including women and children were injured in the incident.  The Afghan Charge d'Affaires was told that the firing incident was contrary to the spirit of friendly relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Afghan side was urged to thoroughly investigate the incident and share the findings with Pakistani authorities.  It was further emphasized that all steps should be taken for avoiding recurrence of such incidents in the future.  The firing was aimed at disrupting the construction of a gate well inside Pakistani territory at the border. The gate is being constructed to facilitate the cross-border movement of people and vehicles. It was conveyed to the Afghan side that the regulation of movements at Torkham is part of government's policy to strengthen border management. Therefore, Afghan government's cooperation was needed as it would enhance mutual security and help combat the threat of terrorism. 

Pakistan is building dossiers about activities of RAW agents in fomenting trouble in Balochistan: Sartaj Aziz

Advisor on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz says in view of the overall realignment in the region, Pakistan has taken decisive steps to further strengthen connectivity not only with China but also Central Asian countries. The Advisor said with increased connectivity, this region needs more than one port and therefore, both Gwadar and Chahbahar ports are complementary. He said both the ports have been declared as sister ports and there is a proposal for rail link between them. He also pointed out that Gwadar is a deep seaport and Chahbahar is not and therefore, utility of Gwadar is much greater than Chahbahar. He said Pakistan is building dossiers about activities of RAW agents in fomenting trouble in Balochistan and elsewhere in the country. The Advisor expressed the confidence that in view of effective diplomacy of Pakistan, India would not be able to get another exception this time to make an entry into Nuclear Suppliers Group.

Pakistan fully alive to counter emerging challenges at global level: Fatemi

Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Syed Tariq Fatemi says in this age of transformation with fast-paced changes at the global level, Pakistan is fully alive to counter them. He said Pakistan had fully supported the Ashraf Ghani government in Afghanistan but there are certain core issues, which required to be addressed including border management. He said Pakistan had fully supported Ashraf Ghani government in Afghanistan. The Special Assistant said the Quadrilateral Coordination Group was formed to address the Afghan issue but the US drone attack had caused negative impacts on this initiative. About relations with India, Fatemi said Pakistan had sincerely initiated peace process with the neighbouring country, but all those moves were not adequately reciprocated.  With regard to Pakistan-Iran ties, the Special Assistant said these had durability and deep strength covering over 60 years.

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